Saturday, May 2, 2009

Destination Antigua and Barbuda

For those of you just joining me, here is a little recap of what I'm aiming to do. I intend to have my blog viewed by at least one person in every country in the world. The itinerary of my trip is dictated by internet users per capita, starting at the highest and ending with the lowest. So far I have been to Greenland and the Netherlands. The 50,000 people of Greenland took 2 days to register a view of this blog, but the approximately 14 million people of the Netherlands took over 8 days. Lets see how long it takes the 74,000 people of Antigua and Barbuda to find their way here, as I virtually find my way there!

As always if you know of anyone in Antigua and Barbuda please forward a link to this blog as all assistance is both needed and welcome.

-Luke Sidewalker

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