Sunday, May 24, 2009

A long wait in Utrecht

The air seems to have been let out of the balloon. I have really been struggling to get my page view from Antigua and Barbuda. It appears I will have to come up with something out of the ordinary to get this location ticked off the list. I'm slightly disconcerted at having such difficulties so high up my list, but the tricks learned from this early set back can only help me at the bottom of my list. So come on Antigua and Barbuda, I know you are out there.

-Luke Sidewalker

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stranded in Utrecht

For those of you that follow The Legend of Luke Sidewalker you will know that it was my birthday two days ago. I was rather hoping to spend it "virtually" in the Caribbean and more specifically in Antigua and Barbuda, but it appears after trying so hard to get to The Netherlands I now find myself stuck here!

So once again, if you know anyone in Antigua and Barbuda, or if you may know someone that knows someone there(six degrees of separation!), please forward the blog to be viewed as there are many eager countries downline waiting for there turn in the spotlight...

-Luke Sidewalker

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Destination Antigua and Barbuda

For those of you just joining me, here is a little recap of what I'm aiming to do. I intend to have my blog viewed by at least one person in every country in the world. The itinerary of my trip is dictated by internet users per capita, starting at the highest and ending with the lowest. So far I have been to Greenland and the Netherlands. The 50,000 people of Greenland took 2 days to register a view of this blog, but the approximately 14 million people of the Netherlands took over 8 days. Lets see how long it takes the 74,000 people of Antigua and Barbuda to find their way here, as I virtually find my way there!

As always if you know of anyone in Antigua and Barbuda please forward a link to this blog as all assistance is both needed and welcome.

-Luke Sidewalker

Hello from Utrecht

After much huffing, puffing, and head scratching I have finally landed in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It has taken eight days to make it from Greenland which was longer than I had anticipated.

Well now I'm here, what to do? First off I will go to visit the Dom Tower the oldest and highest church tower in Holland. After catching my breath, because those 465 steps to the top of the tower took their toll it is off for a gentle tour of the local canals. Then it is back to the Hotel Mitland for the evening because tomorrow I'm off to see the local football team FC Utrecht take on Feyenoord. If anybody wants to tell me what it is really like please feel free to leave a comment, or maybe you have a score prediction for the game tomorrow?

So I would like to thank my anonymous friend in Utrecht for clicking the site and being the one I've been searching for all week. There seems to have been a peak in interest from The Netherlands in the last few hours so I would also like to thank my other visitors from Amsterdam and other cities. Sorry you weren't the first but I hope you can join my quest and help me get to my future destinations.

If you look above you will see a picture of Dom Tower with me once again nowhere in sight!

Next stop Antigua and Barbuda.

Savings this leg:
Flights from Nuuk to Amsterdam: $2540
Hotel in Utrecht: $199

Savings so far:
Grand Total: $5555

-Luke Sidewalker