Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello from St. Johns

Good morning from sunny St. Johns, Antigua where the temperature is currently a very pleasant 82ºF. Having taken so long to get here I waste no time and dump my bags at The Admirals Inn, then set of to explore the town.

First it's off to the Anglican Cathedral to thank my blessings of finally getting here after being stuck in Utrecht for 108 days! The cathedral is the third incarnation of such on the island, the previous two falling into disrepair.

Then it's off to board the catamaran of Treasure Island Cruises for a trip around the island stopping occasionally to snorkel. The trip also takes us to the historical site of Nelson's Dockyard a facility developed by the infamous Admiral Lord Nelson of the British Royal Navy in the late 1700's.

Returning back to dry land I pick up some conch fritters followed by some local lobster from a street vendor and wash it down with an exotic rum cocktail! I return back to the Inn, all this sea air has made me sleepy.

In the morning I'm off for a tour of the Recreation Ground. This is the cricket stadium in Antigua, unfortunately the season runs from January to July so I have just missed watching a live game. However cricket is a religion here and I witness impromptu games everywhere I go on the island.

Having taken so long to (not) get here it seems a shame to leave so quickly, but I'm heading to Canada next, and my global staycation waits for no man!

Savings this leg:
Flights from Amsterdam to St. Johns: $1,848
Hotel in St.John: $90
Catamaran Day Trip: $120

Savings so far:
Grand Total: $7,613

-Luke Sidewalker

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